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Anita and David have been running Metro Coffee™, a coffee kiosk at Gants Hill Station since 2017. It has been tough but very rewarding journey. We have loved every single bit as it has led us to serve and bring a smile to our customers by serving them the quality coffee and Grab & Go service. We can proudly say 80% of our customers are regulars and we are forever grateful to them for supporting us in our journey.

The past 5 years has also given us the opportunity to work and employ many special talents who has normal and special needs within the Autism spectrum, Schizophrenia & Down Syndrome. We are registered as an “Official Disability Confident Employer” with with Her Majesty’s Department of work and pensions. We would like to thank you for your kind support so far which encourages us to aim higher and make positive difference in the community.

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Fresh, Fulfiling, and Remarkebly Delicious

Come Taste The Goodness & Be In Presence Of London's Most Exquisite Coffee Shop.


Hot Drinks & Beverages

We offer a wide range of ethically sourced, excellent blends of coffee and beverages to match your exquisite taste.


Fresh Bar

We believe nothing beats the taste of fresh healthy high-quality ingredients. So, we are launching exciting Fresh Bar Menu very soon.

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Grab & Go

To cater to our bustling customers, we offer a great range of delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch, and & dinner menus that you can grab & go.

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Become a member of Metro Coffee’s Benefit Club Card and get exclusive discounts on every purchase as well as collect benefit points in every order.

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Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee

Our expert team is made up of creatives with technical knowhow and well as experts who thrive to provide
quality service to you.

Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee
| Inthesar Ar Rahman |

Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee
| Lucian Cristian Les |

Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee
| Miss Gabriele Poku |

Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee
| Cynthia Bowling |

Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee
| Miss Melike Ali |

Meet The Stars Behind Metro Coffee
| Anita Kaucha Rana & David Rana |

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

There is a vast, untapped pool of talent, which for most of human history has been disregarded. It is now breaking through as #neurodiversity, and inspiring figures such as Greta Thunberg are teaching the world that different can be as good as, or even better than the mainstream. ... Neurodiversity means that a range of different mental characteristics and the people that have them are not only accepted, but that their unique talents are sought out, noticed, cultivated, and supported. While generally, a world of square pegs in round holes meant that for many neurodivergent people, work is a trying experience that made them feel like they constantly had to aspire to an ideal that was out of their reach, today we are fast entering a world which enables them to reveal their strengths and to flourish. This is not always simple, it requires the overcoming of prejudices and assumptions on the part of neurotypical people, who must learn that the way they’ve been taught is not always the best, or always possible for others. But, there is a growing movement, an alliance between neurodivergent peoples and the friends, carers and colleagues who support them. Mental health issues have become increasingly highlighted over the course of pandemic. It’s now clear that we all need support from time to time. Chris is an online journalist who has been part of several big waves of new media. He is currently working as a barista for Metro Coffee, as well as being in-house writer and editor. He has worked for the Canary and ONN, and currently writes for Kerrang.

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